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The purpose of third party development of on-line courses is to provide an opportunity for professionals to develop on-line courses that will be of interest to their peers.  In the process the courses would enable professionals to satisfy regulatory requirements in their particular field.  In return for the development of the course the developer or author would receive 50% of the gross proceeds from the course.  The price of the course will be determined by Professional Education Services Company (PESC).  The course can be of any length with a minimum of one hour and the subject of the course must satisfy regulatory requirements.  These guidelines are intended to assist professionals in the development of on-line courses so that the courses can be easily integrated into the Professional Education Services web site.


Eligible Courses


Eligible courses must follow the guidelines of the relevant regulatory agency. The responsibility of satisfying these requirements rests with the author of the course.


Course Development Assistance


If you have a course that is not in PowerPoint format but is in WORD instead then Professional Education Services Company will convert it to PowerPoint by preparing the slides, the text for the slides and perform the narration.  More information is available in the link below.


Credit for course development


The Ohio Registered Professional Engineers and Surveyors Board recognize developing on-line courses for Continuing Professional Development Hours (CPD or PDH).  The author of the course is entitled to the number of hours given.  If the course is 3 hours then the author will obtain a one time credit of 3 hours in the year that the course is offered.  A letter will be provided to the author of the course by PESC acknowledging the author, the number of hours earned, the title as well as a brief description of the course, and the date that the course was first offered on line.  The letter is equivalent to a certificate.


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