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Instructions for on-line group presentations

Our courses are narrated Power Point presentations that run within the Internet Explorer 11* browser and thus can be run as a slide show using a PC projector before a group of engineers.  Follow these steps:


1. Each engineer requiring credit for the course must register and pay individually using their individual email address.

2. Each engineer create a unique password.

3. At the time of the group presentation select one email address and password to run the program after connecting the PC projector to the computer and going to the web site Home page to log in.

4. A pdf copy of the presentation is downloadable at log in.  The pdf copy can be used to follow the presentation and for notes.

5. The program can be run automatically as a slide presentation or it can be manually controlled.

6. The program can be interrupted and rerun at a later time either from the beginning or from the point interrupted.

7. After the group presentation each engineer returns to their individual computers to take the test by logging in and logging through each hour until the review test.

8. The  review test can be interrupted and started at a later time from the point interrupted by logging in.

9. A minimum 70% score is required for successful completion of the review test.  The test repeats with some questions different if the score is less than 70%.

10. The individual course certificate is available at any time on line after successful completion of review test.


* Put IE11 in compatibility mode and make IE11 your default browser.  Here are instructions:


1. Place IE11 in Compatibility View.  Tools->Compatibility View Settings->add to the list and close window

2. Make IE11 your default browser.  Tools->Internet Options->Program tab-Make default button or

Tools->Internet Options->Program tab->Set Programs Button->Set your default programs.

3. Then click here to go to a Microsoft site to download and run PowerPoint 2003/2002 Add-in: Office Animation Runtime. This is necessary to hear the sound and run the PowerPoint program.


Also security of IE11 should be set to medium security.

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