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Environmental Mitigation of Residential Insecticide

Course Outline


 Dangers of Residential Insecticide

 Non-Spray Technology

 Example Application of Non-Spray Technology

 Results of Example Application

Instructor/Developer: Donald Soards, CE, PE


Donald Soards is a registered professional engineer with the State of New Mexico. He attended New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology for 3 years as a math/physics major. He has a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of New Mexico. He had a 31-year career with the US Army Corps of Engineers. He has worked in many phases of floodwater engineering including: hydrology, hydraulics, flood insurance studies, project studies, planning flood control systems, structural design, construction, inspections of completed flood control works, Total Quality Management website development, emergency response to natural disasters, and mobilization planning and civil defense. He has also worked in atmospheric physics labs, at a missile test tract, residential construction, road construction, and on a highway survey crew. He has an interest in education and is currently working as a tutor at Central New Mexico Community College.

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