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Fiber Optic Telecommunications Systems

Course Outline


 Optical Fiber

- Light transmission principles

- Physical construction

- Connections and Splicing

- Cleaning of fiber connections

- Optical Transmitters and Receivers

 Communication Principles

- Analog and Digital

- Multiplexing Techniques

- Synchronization techniques

 System Design and Testing

- Optical Power Budget

- Optical Domain Reflectometer

- Bit error testing

- Applications

Instructor/Developer: Nicholas Georgalis, MSEE, PE


Nicholas Georgalis is a registered professional engineer with the State of Ohio. He has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Case Institute of Technology and a Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering. Mr. Georgalis worked at AT&T and its affiliates for over 20 years as a staff manager conducting engineering economic studies as one of his responsibilities. He also helped to establish the Quality District for Ameritech. His experience includes the engineering and project management of Intelligent Communications Systems. He has given talks and conducted training on a variety of engineering related subjects to military organizations, public agencies and private corporations. Mr. Georgalis has also worked as a patent examiner for the United States Patent and Trademark Office and he is a patent holder.

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Professional Engineers



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